I just launched on Product Hunt 🚀

Product Buffs is now official :)


I woke up this morning feeling nervous about work for the first time in years. Like proper butterfly nerves. And do you know what? I’ve missed it!

The reason is pretty simple. I just launched Product Buffs on Product Hunt. I guess this means there’s no going back — I’m now a full-time product discovery coach (I never thought I’d be uttering those words!)

So this will be a short post.

If you’ve been enjoying any of my previous newsletters, this is the *one* time I’m going to ask for some support in return.

The best way to help me out is to vote for Product Buffs.

If you’re feeling very generous, you could even send out a tweet to let the world know that Product Buffs has gone live.

If you’d rather do nothing, that’s absolutely fine too. I’m grateful that you’re a subscriber to the newsletter. My next post is coming soon and it’s going to cover everything I’ve learnt about crafting a great product vision.

Thanks for your support! 🤙